After over 25 years in refinery and job site orientations, construction sites, rental fleets, and manufacturers’ classes, this is by far the best class I have attended. Great information and presentation! Thanks.

Joe Leonard, Owner – Mulennium Equipment Inc.

In light of new state requirements for the certification of crane operators, we enlisted the help of (Fulcrum Crane International LLC) to help us organize the training to prepare for testing as required by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO). Danny Thiemens of (Fulcrum) worked with us to set up class for 27 employees on our property with the written exam immediately following. Each employee took three tests and we had a 96% pass rate. (Fulcrum) is presently setting up various dates for the Practical which will allow our employees to test out on our own equipment.

Steven Wolfe, Craft Trainer, Avista Utilities

I have attended (Fulcrum) classroom training as an observer and am very impressed with the curriculum and teaching methods they apply. My decision to enroll our personnel was made very easy after seeing their course in action and speaking with the instructors they utilize. I have been very satisfied with the results and will continue to use (Fulcrum) as a Training Provider in the future.

Bruce A. Stemp Director of Training – Lampson International

We at Lampson Crane have used (Fulcrum Crane International LLC) services to prepare our employees to take the NCCCO core and specialty tests with excellent results. (Fulcrum) provides informative, interesting and relevant classroom training that holds students attention while teaching the content in a manner that insures retention of the information long after course completion. Lampson personnel participating in these classes have successfully attained their NCCCO certifications 100% of the time.

Bill Lampson, President – Lampson International

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your classes. The training is very appropriate as well as entertaining. As you stated on our first day ‘you will be prepared for the tests on Friday’. There were no surprises on test day

Rioh Frombly Conoco Phillips

Colvico Electric has contracted with Fulcrum Crane several times to help prepare our employees to take the NCCCO core test with excellent results. They have always been very prepared and had up to date information. Classroom training is well done and very informative. Colvico employees that have attended these classes have successfully attained their NCCCO certifications 100% of the time.

Tom Baldwin, Project Manager-Colvico Electric